Ein «ny» Titusbue i Roma

Arkeologar har funne restar etter ein annan og større Titusbue enn den kjente Titusbuen som står på Forum Romanum i Roma. Funnet er gjort ved Circus Maximus. Buen blei bygd som minnesmerke etter sigeren over jødane og øydelegginga av Jerusalem i år 70.

Det er Haaretz som skriv om dette i dag:

Second Monumental Arch of Titus Celebrating Victory over Jews Found in Rome. 

Arch unearthed at the entrance of the Circus Maximus was built by Titus» brother Domitian, boasting of how the Romans had done the undoable and «subdued the Jews».
read more: http://www.haaretz.com/archaeology/1.778103

Her er eit lite utdrag:

Actually, scholars had long suspected the existence of the second Arch of Titus, from depictions in ancient maps and Roman art, but its remains only came to light over a decade-long archaeological dig at the southern end of the Circus Maximus, which reopened to the public late last year.

Experts now have a good idea of how the arch would have looked like. At a width of 17 meters and a height of more than 10 meters, the massive triple arch was much larger than its single-gated counterpart on the Palatine. Decorated with a bronze statue of Titus driving a four-horse chariot, just like the ones that raced in the circus, it was the first major sight for visitors entering the city from the south, and a key landmark under which military parades and religious processions would pass.

The two arches would have had slightly different purposes, says Buonfiglio: The one on the Palatine was more a monument to Titus, marking his post-mortem deification. The arch in the circus “was a proper triumphal arch” commemorating his victory over the Jews, the archaeologist explains.
read more: http://www.haaretz.com/archaeology/1.778103

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