Det eldste bilete av Jesus?

Det eldste kjente biletet av Jesus er funne i Dura-Europos i Syria og er frå år 240. Biletet blir vist fram på ei utstilling som opna i dag (23.09.2011) i New York. Det er New York Observer som skriv om dette som skal vera det eldste kjente Jesusbiletet:

Earliest Known Images of Christ on Display at NYU
Exhibition highlights religious coexistence and multiculturalism

This Friday, the earliest known images of Christ, from the year 240, go on view in New York for the first time, and they aren’t where you might expect them to be. They are part of a remarkable exhibition at the relatively obscure N.Y.U. Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, a jewel-box of a museum on East 84th Street whose mission, according to exhibitions director Dr. Jennifer Chi, is “to break down preconceived notions of antiquity.”

Utstillinga heiter Edge of Empires. Pagans, Jews, and Christians at Roman Dura-Europos. Det er Institute for the Study of the Ancient World ved New York University som inviterer til utstillinga. Instituttet er i følgje den seriøse bloggen PaleoJudaica ikkje så obskurt som avisa vil ha det til.

Avisa skriv også om andre viktige funn som er gjort i Dura-Europos:

Art and artifacts of stunning historical importance were uncovered. The paintings of Christ are part of a series of New Testament scenes that exhibition co-curator Dr. Peter De Staebler said are “the earliest dated Christian art in existence.” Narratives painted on the walls of Dura’s large synagogue, considered the best-preserved in the world, revealed a Jewish figural tradition that had been totally unknown—that had, in fact, been thought to be nonexistent. The rediscovery of these painted Bible stories—among them, Moses and the Burning Bush, the Sacrifice of Isaac and the Exodus from Egypt with the astounding representation of the hands of God (on display by photo and slideshow; the originals are in Damascus)—sparked a revolution in thinking about art and Jewish religious practice.


The New Testament scenes were found in what is believed to be the oldest-known baptistery, which was part of a Christian “house-church” (a house that was used as a church). Dura’s house-church is considered the oldest such structure ever revealed. The Institute is showing three of the baptistery’s original wall paintings.

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