Kristent palestinsk/jødisk forsoningsinitiativ

Vrahati 2017

Det pågår for tida ein viktig forsoningsprosess mellom palestinske kristne og messianske jødar, støtta av The Lausanne Initiative for Reconciliation in Israel/Palestine (LIRIP). Ei gruppe leiarar frå begge sider var nyleg samla til konferanse i Vrahati i Hellas. Dette var ei oppfølging av ei tilsvarande samling i Larnaca på Kypros for eitt år sidan, då ein blei einige om Larnaca-erklæringa.

Det er oppmuntrande at det finst slike initiativ i ein region som er prega av mange konfliktar.

Her er utdrag frå pressemeldinga om konferansen (via Come and see):

Palestinian Christians and Messianic Jews Share Reconciliation Journeys

Twenty-four Palestinian Christians and Messianic Jews met in Vrahati, Greece, January 23-26, 2017 for four days of discussion, prayer and joint activities.


The participants shared their personal journeys in reconciliation and gave presentations on the Theology of the Land, the Bridging of Israeli and Palestinian Narratives of the Conflict, and Questions of Justice and Joint Action.


Co-chair Botrus Mansour said “This was a very productive meeting. The fellowship and discussions are greatly needed, and our unity in the Body of Christ challenges us to be reconciled with one another as a demonstration of the practical implications and outworking of the Gospel.”

Co-chair Lisa Loden said “I feel that we have reached an important stage in our meetings – we are building a group who are serious about every aspect of reconciliation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including the biblical, theological, historical and practical aspects of building peace. This is a challenge to us in our divided land and society, but vital for bringing hope to the next generation.”

(Les meir)

Relatert notat: Larnaca-erklæringa (10.02.2016)

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