Funn av hasmoneisk akvedukt, Jerusalem 5/2015

Foto: Israel Antiquities Authority

Foto: Israel Antiquities Authority

Ein del av ein akvedukt som førte vatn til Jerusalem allereie på Jesu tid, er nyleg funne i Aust-Jerusalem. Akvedukten er frå hasmoneisk tid (ca 150 – 37 f.Kr.)

Eg fekk tips av ein israelsk venn om at Jerusalem Post skreiv om dette funnet i dag (21.05.2015). Nå har eg funne fram til pressemeldinga frå IAA. Her er eit utdrag:

A Section of Ancient Jerusalem’s Lower Aqueduct was Exposed in the Eastern Jerusalem Neighborhood of Umm Tuba-MAY 2015

A section of Jerusalem’s Lower Aqueduct, which conveyed water to the city more than 2,000 years ago, was exposed in the Umm Tuba quarter (near Har Homa) during the construction of a sewer line in the neighborhood by the Gihon Company. (…)

The Israel Antiquities Authority conducted an archaeological excavation there following the discovery of the aqueduct. According to Ya’akov Billig, the excavation director, “The Lower Aqueduct to Jerusalem, which the Hasmonean kings constructed more than two thousand years ago in order to provide water to Jerusalem, operated intermittently until about one hundred years ago. The aqueduct begins at the ‘En ‘Eitam spring, near Solomon’s Pools south of Bethlehem, and is approximately 21 kilometers long. Despite its length, it flows along a very gentle downward slope whereby the water level falls just one meter per kilometer of distance. At first, the water was conveyed inside an open channel and about 500 years ago, during the Ottoman period, a terra cotta pipe was installed inside the channel in order to better protect the water”.

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