Nytt funn på Herodion 2014

Credit: The Herodium Expedition at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Credit: The Herodium Expedition at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Det er gjort nye og interessante funn etter Herodes den store si byggeverksemd på Herodion. Funna er offentleggjort i dag i ei pressemelding frå den arkeologiske avdelinga ved The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Det dreier seg om eit portrom eller ein passasje med 20 meters høgde i borga og palasset Herodes bygde som eit kunstig fjell ute i ørkenen ved Betlehem. Herodion er også kjent som Herodes´ gravstad.

Les om saka her:

Unique entry complex discovered at Herodian Hilltop Palace

(…) The main feature of the entryway is an impressive corridor with a complex system of arches spanning its width on three separate levels. These arches buttressed the corridor’s massive side-walls, allowing the King and his entourage direct passage into the Palace Courtyard. Thanks to the supporting arches, the 20-meter long and 6-meter wide corridor has been preserved to a height of 20 meters.


Surprisingly, during the course of the excavations, it became evident that the arched corridor was never actually in use, as prior to its completion it became redundant. This appears to have happened when Herod, aware of his impending death, decided to convert the whole hilltop complex into a massive memorial mound, a royal burial monument on an epic scale.

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