Jerome Murphy-O´Connor (1935-2013)

IMGProfessor Jerome Murphy-O´Connor i Jerusalem døydde måndag 11.11.2013. Han var ein viktig bibelforskar. Eg har hatt spesielt mykje glede av den gode arkeologiske guideboka hans (bildet) som har vore med meg på mange turar til Israel og dei palestinske områda.

Enda viktigare er det likevel for meg at eg i 2001, då eg hadde studiepermisjon og var i Jerusalem, fekk ein samtale med han omkring studieprosjektet mitt. Det blei ei lærerik og inspirerande samtale om lokaliseringa av Jesu lidingsveg. Eg møtte han på arbeidsplassen hans, Eqole Biblique i Aust-Jerusalem.

I kveld vil eg heidra minnet hans ved å visa til det som er skrive om han på Ecole Biblique si heimeside, signert Rev. Justin Taylor s.m. Denne omtalen høver svært godt til korleis eg huskar at han tok imot meg.

Her er eit utdrag:

Meanwhile, not all the influences on the developing Murphy-O’Connor were simply academic. Among his fellow students at Fribourg were American Dominican Sisters of the Sinsinawa Congregation. From that association came not only lifelong friendships but also invitations to teach and lecture in the United States. Thus began an important dimension of Murphy-O’Connor’s life, extensive travelling and teaching not only in America but also in many parts of the world. Colleagues sometimes found it difficult to understand all this extramural activity, which might seem to be a distraction from the main business of academic life. For Murphy-O’Connor, however, it provided a much-needed outlet for pastoral activity, as well as a relief from the tensions of Jerusalem. It also exercised a profoundly formative influence on him as a man and a scholar. He was convinced that the non-specialists with whom he was mostly engaged on these lecture-tours – religious, laity, priests in pastoral ministry, missionaries – had the right questions, which the academics had the time to try to answer. In later years, the BBC and other television companies often engaged him for interviews and documentaries on the Holy Land or the New Testament, where his knowledge, assurance and Irish manner were a successful combination.

In any case, no one could accuse Murphy-O’Connor of neglecting the duties of academic life. He was an assiduous and demanding teacher at the Ecole and the author of many books and articles, mostly academic but others more popular or pastoral in orientation. Two books sum up his contribution. In Paul a Critical Life he was able to synthesise forty years of work on Paul’s life and personality as well as on his writings, and to express his personal (and sometimes controversial) opinions. In The Holy Land: An Archaeological Guide, which has accompanied many travellers, he passed on his knowledge of the country he had explored ‘from Dan to Beersheba’ and especially of Jerusalem. He held honorary Doctorates from the National University of Ireland and from Notre Dame University, Indiana. (Les meir)

Eg har også eit fint og konkret minne frå samtalen, gjennom helsinga han skreiv i guideboka mi:


Oppdatering: Det er mange som skriv om Murphy-O´Connor for tida. Eg anbefalar:

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