Dei eldste kristne symbola

Dei eldste kristne symbola var truleg T-forma kors, fisk – både som bilde og som ordspel – og (den gode) gjetaren.

Professor Larry Hurtado, Edinburgh, har arbeidd mykje med dei første kristne hundreåra. Nå har han nyleg vore her i Norge og halde foredrag om “Early Christian Writers on Christian Symbols” på ein konferanse på Universitetet i Oslo.  Han gjengir i dag hovudinnhaldet på bloggen sin:

Earliest References to Christian Symbols
I’ve just returned from a mini-conference held in Oslo, “Between Image and Text: The Early Medieval ‘Iconology’ of Graphic Representational Signs.” As the title suggests, the participants were pretty much all people with expertise in the medieval period . . . with me being a conspicuous exception! But the principal investigator of the funded research programme behind the conference generously invited me to contribute from within the limits of my own competence, thinking it helpful to have some input from my own very early period of Christianity.

My paper was on “Early Christian Writers on Christian Symbols,” and within the time allotted I focused on Christian texts of the late second and early third centuries. In these texts I was able to find references to the Christian use of the cross-symbol (typically referred to as having a T-shape in these early texts), fish-symbols (sometimes symbolizing Christians and sometimes Jesus), the acrostic of the Greek word for “fish” (ΙΧΘΥΣ = “ichthus”, representing “Jesus Christ God’s Son Saviour”), and the (good) shepherd image.

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