Larry Hurtado skriv her om ein grafittitekst frå før år 125 i det gamle Smyrna, dvs dagens Izmir. Teksten inneheld orda herre og tru, og det er ikkje usannsynleg at dette er ein kristen tekst. Les gjerne heile det interessante innlegget hos Larry Hurtado, som altså skriv om boka Everyday Writing in the Graeco-Roman East.

Larry Hurtado's Blog

In my previous posting I briefly described Roger Bagnall’s new book, Everyday Writing in the Graeco-Roman East, and I mentioned his lead chapter on a body of graffiti from ancient Smyrna. Among the items he discusses in this chapter, I was particularly (predictably!) intrigued with one that Bagnall confidently claims must be Christian (pp. 22-23).  Here are the basic data:

  • The graffiti in question are on plastered surfaces in the basement of a city structure, and there are multiple layers of plaster laid on across time.
  • One graffito includes a date, which Bagnall correlates to 125/126 CE.
  • The layer of plaster beneath the layer on which this dated graffito is written is partially exposed, and on this exposed plaster is «a most remarkable graffito, incised into the plaster rather than written with ink or charcoal.»   This graffito reads:


κυριος  ω

πιστις  ω

  • The first word, ισοψηφα, means «of…

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