Nye arkeologiske funn i Jerusalem

Det blir stadig gjort nye arkeologiske funn i Jerusalem. Men forskarane er ikkje einige om koss dei skal tolkast.

Denne veka har det vore ein konferanse i Jerusalem om koss nokre av dei nyaste arkeologiske funna i byen skal tolkast. Det dreier seg blant anna om utgravingane i Davidsbyen, om bakgrunnen for Hiskias tunnel og om den gamle «hovudvegen» (med tilhøyrande avløpstunnel) frå tempelhøgda ned mot Siloadammen.

Her er nokre hovudavsnitt frå informasjonen som blei sendt ut på førehand, henta frå Arutz Sheva:

City of David Conference Slated to Overturn Popular Theories
New discoveries and research change the understanding of Jerusalem.

(…) Events of the 10th Century BCE have been in the public and academic eyes in recent years. Two key protagonists in this discussion will face off by addressing different aspects of their research which directly and indirectly relate to David and Solomon’s Jerusalem.

Prof. Israel Finkelstein (Tel Aviv University) will analyze several major structures generally considered to be hard evidence of David’s City. His surgical analysis stone by stone and confrontation of academic paper by academic paper will certainly shake up and perhaps demolish conventional assumptions, throwing a stumbling block in front of easy explanations and diagrams.

Taking the other side of this debate, Prof. Yosef Garfinkel (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) will present a brand-new median theory of the Judean Kingdom’s origins and historical precedence based on his recent excavations at Elah Fortress – Khirbet Qeiyafa, overlooking the Elah Valley where David and Goliath fought. Garfinkel believes the mighty 10th century BCE fortifications, extensive pottery, carbon-14 analysis, ancient writing, text-related features, and other findings of his four excavation seasons now shed new light on other sites and together draw a picture of a regional polity in this region and this period which cannot be ignored.

“Hezekiah’s Tunnel” is a watchword amongst visitors to Jerusalem who come to walk this ancient water tunnel, and learn about the famous inscription carved into the mountain. It is popularly associated with Hezekiah’s preparations for an expected onslaught by Sennacherib of Assyria, discussed extensively in the Bible. Both Prof. Ronnie Reich (University of Haifa) and Dr. Eli Shukron (Israel Antiquities Authority) on the one hand and well-known researcher Mr. Asher Grosbard on the other will each present incredibly well researched positions showing new insights into the text, a close examination of water channel features ignored by most researchers. Each side will offer to the audience opposing and original conclusions as to who built the tunnel and when. Watch the fireworks!

Prof. Gabriel Barkay (Bar Ilan University) was part of a survey team decades ago working the ancient necropolis of the Mount of Olives, and offers a penetrating analysis and well documented parallels to interpret and date the famous “Tomb of Pharaoh’s Daughter.”

Finally, a tremendous milestone and accomplishment was reached by excavating 550 meters of an ancient street and drainage channel running the entire length of the City of David and reaching under the Old City walls to the deepest of the Temple Mount’s foundations. The by-now famous golden bell ornament will be displayed. A circle of excavations from the 1800s and today will be closed, ably demonstrated by the excavators Reich and Shukron.

Prof. Reich has a unique fluency in old and forgotten reports. When it comes to the City of David he has read each one of the hundreds of academic articles about the city and its inscriptions in their original publications, spanning 150 years, published in several languages. Several of his discoveries and theories come from this comprehensive view, stitching together little details overlooked even by famed excavatos such as Dame Kathleen Kenyon. As the excavator of this drainage tunnel together with Dr. Shukron, together with his earlier work with Yaacov Bilig (IAA) in the section alongside the Western Wall, no one is better positioned to recreate and share with the listeners a view of this tremendous engineering feat of 2,000 years ago.

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(via PaleoJudaica)


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