Under Jerusalem

Det blir arbeidd mykje med å grava ut ulike gamle tunnelar under Gamlebyen og Davidsbyen i Jerusalem.

Avisa Haaretz publiserte i går ein stor artikkel om ulike sider ved dette arkeologiske arbeidet. Artikkelen inneheld mykje og interessant informasjon om dei ulike prosjekta. Dei politiske sidene ved arkeologien i Jerusalem får også rimeleg stor plass.

Artikkelen er skriven av Nir Hasson. Her er eit lite utdrag:

Jerusalem’s time tunnels

Horizontal excavations throughout the Old City of Jerusalem and Silwan are producing important archaeological discoveries, but opponents charge that they are undermining Palestinian foundations, in more ways than one.


After a few dozen meters, the tunnel suddenly drops from street level into the sewer below, which Josephus described. Once work is complete, visitors touring the City of David tunnels will be able to descend beneath the Old City walls and emerge from the ground at the Davidson Center, the archaeological park between just within the Dung Gate, to the immediate southwest of the Temple Mount. In the future, visitors may even be able to enter the Western Wall tunnels and continue all the way to the Via Dolorosa, in the heart of the Muslim Quarter. From there, it is a quick walk to the immense Zedekiah’s Cave under the Muslim Quarter buildings. All told, this means that visitors could potentially spend hours on end exploring subterranean Jerusalem from end to end of the ancient city (though not including the Temple Mount), barely seeing the light of day.

The excavation of the extensive network of caves and tunnels below the Western Wall, Silwan and the Muslim Quarter is now nearing completion. The intensive activity has been under way for decades, generally without collaboration between the various agencies involved. Yet despite the lack of a unified policy, critics of the tunnels charge that the excavations have changed the geography and geopolitics of Jerusalem’s Holy Basin. The tunnels have created a new Jerusalem, one illuminated by fluorescent bulbs – a Jewish-Israeli expanse devoid of Palestinians and conflicts. Whatever the case may be, it seems that from this point on, anyone who wants to talk about dividing Jerusalem will need two maps, one for above the surface and another for the subterranean.

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(via PaleoJudaica)


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