BBC Travel skriv om å reisa til Akko nord i Israel. Dette var ein viktig by i korsfarartida, og artikkelen tar utgangspunkt i denne historia.

Byen heitte forresten i romersk tid Ptolemais og den er nemnt i NT i Apg 21,7. Paulus var der på gjennomreise og besøkte «søskena» sine, det vil altså seia at det var kristne der allereie då. Men det er ei anna historie.

Her er BBCs reiseartikkel med utgangspunkt i korsfarartida:

Travelling to Acre, now and in 1272 AD

Travel back more than 700 years ago to Acre, and sample the delights of a cosmopolitan crusader outpost before it falls to the Mamluks, and get tips on visiting the present day Israeli city.

The Mamluk sultan of Egypt and Syria, Baybars Bunduqdari, has agreed a truce with the Christian forces in Outremer. Act now and take advantage of our incredible peacetime offers. The Christians may have lost Jerusalem back in 1244, but Acre has become the crusaders» hip and happening capital. Acre boasts a safe harbour and markets galore, and it’s a veritable melting pot of races and religions. You never know who you might meet around the next corner: assassin or merchant, Knight Templar or slave trader. The truce has been agreed for ten years and ten months, but who knows what will happen when it ends, so don’t delay – book today!


Visiting Acre today
The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem may have only kept its capital of Acre for a further 19 years after 1272, but any time-travelling knight making a nostalgic return to modern-day Akko, on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, will find much of the city they knew still standing. Its ramparts still stand strikingly as a reminder of its strategic importance, and the bustling alleyways of the old city retain a medieval flavour. Elsewhere, much has changed: Ottoman minarets pierce the sky and outside the old city the prosperous Akko is unmistakably modern Israel. The highlight of your visit – apart from Akko’s excellent seafood restaurants – will almost certainly be exploring the Knight’s Halls, the extraordinary complex of subterranean rooms that made up the bulk of the crusader fortress within the city walls. A particularly thrilling experience is going through the narrow Templar Tunnel running from the port to a crusader palace. Akko is a favourite part of many visits to the Holy Land, offering a well-preserved remnant of crusader and Ottoman eras. In fact, it is fair to say that the modern-day incarnation of the capital of the Kingdom of Jerusalem still feels like the promised land.

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