Arkeologi i Israel 2/2011

The Bible and Interpretation har ei oppdatering av viktige arkeologiske funn i Israel frå januar og februar 2011.

Her kjem blant anna litt meir info om den nyopna Jesu dåpsstad:

Archaeology in Israel Update–January/February 2011

On 18th January, a ceremony was held to mark the reopening of the site on the River Jordan where John the Baptist is supposed to have baptized Jesus. It had been closed for over forty years as a military zone and has now been released by the army and renovated by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority who have improved access for pilgrims and tourists. The site is known in Arabic as Qasr al-Yehud (Castle of the Jew) and pilgrims can enter it from both the Israeli and Jordanian side, though crossing between them is not possible as it is fenced off mid-river to mark the boundary between the two countries.

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