Tunnel ved tempelhøgda II

Her er nøktern og informativ informasjon om dreneringstunnelen som er graven fram i området mellom tempelhøgda og Siloadammen i Jerusalem.

Det er Caspari Media Review 03.02.2011 som formidlar denne teksten frå avisa Ma’ariv:

An ancient drainage tunnel running the length of the Tyropoeon Valley has recently been cleared of dirt and refuse accumulated over the course of 2,000 years, allowing body-height access for the first time since its discovery. The channel is located beneath the main paved and stepped road which traversed Jerusalem in those days, passing alongside the Western Wall in the north and down to the Siloam Pool in the southern portion of the City of David. Neither the road nor the channel pass beneath the Temple Mount itself.

Sjå tidlegare notat om tunnelen her.


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