Arkeologi Israel og dei palestinske områda Romarriket

Mosaikken frå Lod

I 1996 blei det funne nokre flotte romerske mosaikkbilete i Lod nær Tel Aviv. I desse dagar skal noko av dette visast fram på utstillingar i USA, og kritikaren James Gardner skriv i den samanheng om mosaikken frå Lod i The Wall Street Journal.

Lod er kjent frå bibelsk tid. I Apg 9,32-35 blir det fortalt om at Peter gjorde eit under her og at dette førte til at folket i byen vende om til Herren. Dette var før byen blei øydelagt i år 66 under Den jødiske krigen. Dei omtalte mosaikkfunna er frå ei seinare tid, ca år 300.

Her er eit utdrag frå artikkelen i The Wall Street Journal:

A Dining Room’s Feast for the Eyes

In 1996 a highway was being constructed in Lod, a town 10 miles southeast of Tel Aviv, when, as so often happens in those parts, the workers came upon an ancient and heretofore unknown archaeological site. Naturally all work stopped at once, a bevy of specialists, led by Dr. Miriam Avissar, was called in and, a few months later, a wonder was announced to the world.

The most conspicuous component of the excavations was a merchant’s house from about A.D. 300. Discovered therein was the nearly intact mosaic floor of a dining room.


Anciently known as Lydda, Lod was destroyed by Roman soldiers during the Jewish Wars in A.D. 66. Refounded by the emperor Hadrian as Diospolis some 60 years later, it fell to Muslim invaders in A.D. 636. Probably we will never know anything about the owner of the house in Lod. Whether he was a Roman or a native of Roman- occupied Judaea is unclear. It is equally uncertain whether he was Christian, Jewish or pagan. What is evident is that, at a time when Christianity was becoming the dominant creed of the Roman Empire, there is nothing visibly religious about the recently unearthed floor.

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(via PaleoJudaica)

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