Området framfor Vestmuren

Eit jødisk kvinneperspektiv

Det er store planar for fornying av plassen framfor Vestmuren (Klagemuren). Denne store plassen fungerer i dag som ein stor friluftssynagoge med mange besøkjande. Kvinner får bare koma fram til muren på eit avgrensa område.

Jerusalem Post skriv om fornyingsprosjektet og fortel også om den forventa motstanden mot å gjera noko grunnleggjande med dette sensitive området. Det er ikkje overraskande at det kjem muslimske reaksjonar mot planen. Det er derimot meir uventa at konservative Jerusalem Post legg vekt på omtale av jødiske kvinner sine motførestellingar:

«It looks like the architecture is going to now set in stone, so to speak, the perspective that women are spectators and men are worshipers,” said Anat Hoffman, director of Women of the Wall, a monthly women’s prayer group that advocates for equal treatment for women at the site.

“There are partitions that are suggested where women can observe men, but men can’t observe women,” she said.

Her er eit større utdrag som seier litt meir om kva planane går ut på:

Kotel Plaza renovations plan gets initial okay

A new plan to completely renovate the Western Wall Plaza was approved by the Jerusalem Local Planning and Building Committee on Monday, paving the way for the most drastic changes to the layout of the area since the plaza was created after the Six Day War.

“The goal of expanding the entrances and exits of the Western Wall plaza and will give us a solution for allowing large numbers of worshipers and visitors to enter at once, as well as emergency exits,” Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, the chief rabbi of the Western Wall, told The Jerusalem Post.


The current plaza was created immediately after the Six Day War in 1967, when the neighborhood next to the Western Wall, known as the Moroccan Quarter, was razed to make a large plaza.

The new plan, which is still in the very initial stages of approval, calls for a large underground plaza to replace the current main entrance, located at Dung Gate. A new visitor’s center will replace the current police building, with areas for educational programming, additional bathrooms, an auditorium, lecture halls, and an exhibition space for the archeological discoveries in the area.

“The number of visitors has increased by 500% at the Western Wall in recent years, and is expected to grow even more, but the infrastructure has remained the same,” Rabinovitch said in a statement. “Hundreds of workers at the Wall, including security guards, guides, and management, are working under impossible circumstances.”

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation claims that more than 15 million visitors come to the Western Wall every year, though the municipality put the figure at eight million. Both expect the number of visitors to the site to double in the next 10 years.

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