Herodes» kongelosje?

Arkeologar har funne kongelosjen i Herodes den store sitt private teater på Herodion. Teateret ligg halvvegs oppe i bakken på det kunstige fjellet, i nærleiken av mausoleet som blei funne i 2007 (her).

Det er The Hebrew Univerity of Jerusalem som denne veka fortel dette i ei pressemelding. Det ser ut til å vera eit interessant funn og det skal bli spennande å følgja arbeidet på Herodion i åra framover.

Universitetet skriv royal box i hermeteikn. Det er fornuftig. Inntil vidare er det nok best å plassera uttrykket i avdelinga for foreløpige tolkingar av interessante arkeologiske funn.

Oppdatering: Sjå bilde frå teateret på Smithsonian.com.

Her er eit utdrag frå pressemeldinga:

Royal box uncovered at Herodium reveals further evidence of luxurious lifestyle of famed King of Judea

A “royal box” built at the upper level of King Herod’s private theater at Herodium (Herodion in Greek) has been fully exposed in recent excavations at the site, providing a further indication of the luxurious lifestyle favored by the famed Judean monarch.

The excavations, in the frame of Herodium’s National Park at the eastern edge of Gush Etzion, were conducted by Prof. Ehud Netzer under the auspices of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Institute of Archaeology.

The theater, first revealed during the years 2008-2009, is located halfway up the hill close to Herod’s mausoleum, whose exposure in 2007 aroused worldwide attention. The highly decorated, relatively small theater was built in approximately 15 B.C.E., which was the year of the visit to Judea of Marcus Agrippa, second in the hierarchy of the Roman Empire, said Prof. Netzer, who has been assisted in the excavations by Yakov Kalman, Roi Porath and Rachel Chachy.


On the upper parts of the walls are the room’s highlights: a series of unique “windows” painted with outfolded shutters on either side and various naturalistic landscapes within. They include scenes of the countryside, the Nile River and a nautical scene featuring a large boat with sails. One can identify features of trees, animals and human beings. Some of these windows have survived intact on the walls, whereas others were found in fragments on the floor and are undergoing restoration in the Israel Museum’s laboratory.

Painted windows with shutters appear in the late Second Pompeian Style in Italy, and mainly depict unrealistic views like theater settings and still-life. The closest parallels for the windows at Herodium are known from the »Villa Imperiale» at Pompeii, dated to the early Third Style, 15 to 10 B.C.E.


Opening the royal box site to the public will only take place after a special protective structure will be built around the room, while the theater itself will undergo partial restoration.

(les meir og sjå bilde)

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