Jerusalemssyndromet er namnet på ei psykisk liding som iblant kan oppstå når folk kjem til Jerusalem. Lidinga går ut på at den sjuke trur at han/ho er ein bibelsk person. Det er mange som syns det er ei sterk oppleving å koma til denne byen. For nokre blir det altså for sterkt.

Emunah Magazine har denne veka ein artikkel om at syndromet er mindre utbreidd nå enn det var tidlegare. Dette er sjølvsagt ei god nyheit.

The «Jerusalem syndrome» – an endangered species?

Jerusalem is one of the world’s most exciting destinations, but what happens when it becomes just a little too exciting to handle? We’ve all heard the story: a tourist travels to the city for the first time, discovers that all the holy sites are actual places, and promptly becomes convinced that he or she is Elijah, King David, Solomon, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or, most frequently, John the Baptist. In acute cases, they then wrap themselves and bed sheets and start shouting from the walls of the old city that the end is near and the Messiah is at the gates. It’s called the “Jerusalem Syndrome,” and it has been an aspect of life in the holy city since the days of the prophet Jeremiah. Some public health officials estimate the prevalence of the phenomenon at one percent of all visitors.


Katz distinguishes two types of illness: One where seemingly normal people arrive in the city and undergo a sort of religious conversion, whereby they actually become a biblical figure. Most of these persons are Pentecostals from rural regions in the USA and Scandinavia. One one occasion, Katz says, he had three Virgins Mary at once sharing a single room. Then there is the more worrisome version, where genuinely disturbed persons flock to the city to act out their preexisting complexes. Even when visitors do succumb to the former phenomenon, treatment is relatively easy. A few days of sedatives and talk therapy usually do the trick. The best thing, of course, is to get the person away from the city and back to their normal environment.

(Les Meir)

Men kor utbreidd er eigentleg dette sjukdomsbildet? For nokre år sidan hadde visstnok ca 100 personar kvart år syndromet. I dag skal talet, i følgje Emunah Magazine, vera lågare. Kanskje er forresten ikkje ei slik liding knytt til ein så spesiell by, så oppsiktsvekkjande som ein skulle tru? Wikipedia skriv i alle høve:

On average, 100 such tourists have been seen annually, 40 of them requiring admission to hospital. About two million tourists visit Jerusalem each year. Kalian and Witztum note that as a proportion of the total numbers of tourists visiting the city, this is not significantly different from any other city.

(Les Wikipedias oppslag om sjukdomen her)

(via PaleoJudaica)

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