Biskop Wrights avskjedspreike

N. T. Wright (Tom Wright) er ein spennande person i anglikansk kyrkjeliv. Han er biskop i Durham og ein interessant teologisk forskar og forfattar. Nå går han av som biskop for å bli professor.

Christian Today refererer frå avskjedspreika:

Bishop Wright says church must challenge world’s ‘self-serving’ notions

Bishop Tom Wright bid farewell to the Diocese of Durham on Tuesday night with a reminder to the Church to stand against political correctness and be the voice of justice for the poor and God’s creation.

Delivering his farewell sermon before his retirement as Bishop of Durham next month, Bishop Wright challenged the notion that being interested in social justice meant denying the resurrection of Jesus, whilst being interested in eternal salvation meant having to treat the world as irrelevant.

He urged Christians to speak out in the face of injustice and give hope to those in difficulty, such as the poor and asylum seekers.

He said: “Some voices are suggesting we should now put the cart before the horse and have the church dance to whichever tunes the government of the day want to play. Not so.

“That is simply to allow the iron law of political correctness to trump the liberating grace of Jesus.


Bishop Wright retires on August 31 to take up a new academic position as Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

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