Synagogen (?) i Magdala

Ein av dei store nyheitene i bibelsk arkeologi i fjor, var funnet av ein synagoge i Magdala ved Gennesaretsjøen. Nå blir det stilt spørsmål ved om det som er funne, verkeleg var ein synagoge. Bloggaren Tom Powers meiner det er gode grunnar for å stilla spørsmålsteikn ved synagogeteorien:

However, I must ask certain questions about the present find, especially in relation to the other synagogues long dated to the late 2nd Temple period in this country – and there are only a handful: Masada, Herodium, Gamla, Jericho, and perhaps one or two others. For one thing, what other synagogue from this period has a mosaic floor (of any kind or design)? What other synagogue lacks stepped benches around the periphery of the hall? And, indeed, what other synagogue has a decorative carved stone set into the middle of the floor? In short, almost everything about the Magdala structure seems to be an anomaly – if it is what the archaeologists claim.


As for the present find, from everything I’ve read it seems that the sole basis for the synagogue interpretation is the image of a menorah appearing on one face of the stone in the floor. This, to me, is rather slim evidence. (Les meir)

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3 Responses to Synagogen (?) i Magdala

  1. Carina Scholz seier:

    Dear Arne,

    searching for pictures to illustrate a calender «Holy Land 2011» I found your picture of the «Mount of Olives». I am in charge of communication for the association that is responsible for the archeaological excavation at Magdala. As you’re interested in the discovery maybe you would be happy to have some further information on it. At the same time I would like to ask you whether you would kindly permit that I use your photo, obviously giving you photo credits! Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Carina Scholz

  2. […] Sjå også tidlegare notat om funner her og her. […]

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