Om øvstepresten sin familie

Denne veka blir det opna ei ny utstilling i Jerusalem Archaeological Garden like sør for tempelplassen. Her blir det vist fram gjenstandar som ikkje tidlegare har vore vist fram for publikum, blant anna eit sarkofaglokk som kan knytast til øvstepresten sin familie i det første hundreåret.

Jerusalem Post skriv:

The Israel Antiquities Authority is presenting a new exhibition which includes ancient coins uncovered at the Temple Mount and a 2,000-year-old sarcophagus lid. The new display will open on November 11 at the Davidson Center and in the Jerusalem Archaeological Garden, just south of the Temple Mount. Many of the artifacts have not previously been shown to the public.


According to a report released by the Israeli Antiquities Authority, the sarcophagus lid was found just north of Jerusalem. The lid is «engraved with an inscription in square script that is characteristic of the Second Temple period.»

The inscription «Son of the High Priest» most likely refers to a High Priest who officiated at the Temple between 30 and 70 CE.

«This is the first time that we have been able to locate a manor house of the high priest of Judea during the first century, during the time of the Jewish rebellion,» Har-Even told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. «We found a huge settlement from the Second Temple Period, in which there are a lot of burial caves that were probably used by the family of the High Priest.» (Les meir)

(via PaleoJudaica)


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