Amfiteater i Tiberias

Det er funne eit 2000 år gamalt romersk amfiteater i Tiberias. Byen, som ligg ved Gennesaretsjøen, blei grunnlagt av Herodes Antipas ca år 20, og var hovudstad i riket hans på den tid Jesus verka i området. Byen er nemnt i NT (sjå Joh 6,23), men det blir aldri sagt direkte at Jesus besøkte staden.

Haaretz skriv:

A 2000-year-old Roman amphitheatre has finally been revealed after 19 years of excavation work since its first discovery.


The 1990 findings came as a surprise to the archeologists digging near Mount Berniki in the Tiberias hills as there are no references to such a place anywhere in scriptures.


«The most interesting thing about the amphitheatre,» said Hirshfeld upon the discovery, «is its Jewish context. Unlike Tzipori, which was a multi-cultural city, Tiberias was a Jewish city under Roman rule. The findings demonstrate the city’s pluralistic nature and cultural openness, a fact uncommon in those days.»

In light of the findings Tiberias appears as particularly liberal for a city that was established over 2000 years ago, said Atrash and added that «the theatre was enormous, and being so it attracted a lot of attention. It seated over 7000 people, and appears to have been a prominent landmark for the entire area.»

Mayor of Tiberias Zohar Oved said the discovery of the amphitheatre is undoubtedly «one of the most important findings in the history of the Jewish people» and is planned to open the site to the public as part of Tiberias archeological gardens in the near future.

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