Mini – Aleksander den store

Ein liten smykkestein med eit flott bilete av Aleksander den store er nyleg funne i utgravingar i Tel Dor på den israelske kysten sør for Haifa.

Arutz Sheva skriv:

Unprecedented Miniature Carving of Alexander the Great Found

Excavations in Tel Dor have turned up a rare and unexpected work of Hellenistic art: a precious stone bearing the miniature carved likeness of Alexander the Great. Archaeologists are calling it an important find, indicating the great skill of the artist.


«Despite the tiny proportions – the length of the gemstone (gemma) is less than a centimeter and its width less than half a centimeter – the artist was able to carve the image of Alexander of Macedon with all of his features,» Dr. Gilboa said. «The king appears as young and energetic, with a sharp chin and straight nose, and with long, curly hair held in a crown.»


«It has been accepted to assume that first-rate artists – and whoever carved the image of Alexander in this gemstone was certainly one of them – were primarily active under the patronage of the large royal courts in Greece itself or in major capitals,» the scientists explained. «It turns out that local elites in secondary centers such as Dor could allow themselves – and knew to appreciate – superior artwork.»  (les meir)

(via Biblical Archaeology Review)

Lenker til bileta har eg funne på BiblePlaces Blog. Andre bloggar som skriv om funnet: PergaMent og The History Blog.


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