Utgravingar på Ramat Rachel

Arutz-7 skriv i dag om interessante arkeologiske funn som er gjort på Ramat Rachel mellom Jerusalem og Betlehem. Ramat Rachel er ein kibbutz som eg har vore innom fleire gonger, blant anna fordi dei driv ein god og effektiv spisestad. Eg har registrert at det i fleire år har vore arkeologiske utgravingar inne på området til kibbutzen.

Remains from Period of King Hezekiah Discovered

The most recent dramatic archaeological find in Israel is that of a luxurious administrative center from the period of King Hezekiah, over 2,700 years ago. The center was discovered in Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, just south of Jerusalem.


The administrative center at what is now Ramat Rachel included a complex of palace buildings that was active from the reign of King Menashe through that of King Zedekiah, at the end of the First Temple period, and for at least 200 years after the return to Zion and through the Hellenistic period. During the Hasmonean period, however, the site was razed to the ground – and atop it was built a Jewish village, from which remain many ritual baths situated in private homes, caves used for raising pigeons, and more.

The Jewish village lasted until at least the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in the year 68, when the Romans took it over. A church was built there under the Byzantines, but the site was later to remain desolate for nearly 1,000 years – until the construction of Kibbutz Ramat Rachel by modern-day Zionist Jews.

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