Påskehelsing frå Egypt

etscDei ortodokse og dei koptiske kristne feirar påske denne helga, – ei veke etter vår vestlege påskefeiring.

Dei protestantiske kristne i Egypt følgjer den koptiske kalenderen. Derfor passar det i dag godt å formidla vidare denne påskehelsinga frå Det evangeliske teologiske seminaret i Kairo:

Dear friends of ETSC,

We hope you enjoy the attached Easter greetings from our president, Dr. Atef Gendy. Easter is celebrated in Egypt on the 19th of April this year, so please keep us all in your prayers that day. He is risen, indeed!

While he hung on the cross …
… some thought him to be a criminal paying the price of the mistakes he committed. Others believed that he was a political rebel punished for challenging Caesar’s authority. Some held that his blasphemy against the Law of Moses was the reason for his crucifixion.

Nevertheless, his rising from the death the third day opened our eyes to understand that he was none other than the very God who humbled himself, taking the form of a human. He was indeed bearing our grief and carrying our sorrows. His wounds and bruises were nothing but the price of our transgression and inequity.

Happy Easter dear friends. May we all be blessed as we renew the meaning of Jesus» death and resurrection on our behalf!

Atef Gendy (Ph.D)
ETSC President

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