I Jesu fotspor i Galilea

TsipporiDet blir nå lagt betre til rette for vandringar i Jesu fotspor i Galilea, blant anna gjennom Tsippori, der dette biletet med dei enorme kaktusane er tatt.

Den israelske avisa Haaretz skriv i samband med det foreståande pavebesøket i Nasaret:

On other hand, the «Jesus trail» – a «Galilee path that supposedly traces the route of Jesus» – will be ready in time for the visit. «The 65-kilometer trail was inspired by pilgrimage trails including the Camino de Compostela in Spain. It is designed to let pilgrims and tourists experience biblical stories as Jesus did – by foot … «This is the first route in Israel marked specifically for foreign visitors, and the first one focused on historical events,» says Gili Grimbaum, the SPNI route marking coordinator … The trail attracted several hundred tourists even before the marking was complete. Many were accompanied by a voluntary guide from Nazareth. Hikers included travel writers, tourists, cross-border walkers, long distance runners, priests, pilgrims and pastors, who held prayers along the trail … [David] Landis and [Maoz] Inon [the project’s initiators] say they believe that as many as 5,000 people will walk the trail in 2009, and hope to see 100,000 annually by 2019. A map of the route is available online at www.jesustrail.com.» The sites include Nazareth, Tzippori (Sephoris), Kfar Kana, the Golani junction, Nebi Shueyeb, Wadi Hamam, Capernaum, and the Mount of Beatitudes. (sitat frå Caspari Media Review 14.04.09)

Sjå også tidlegare notat om Jesus trail her.


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