Charlesworth om essearane

Debatten omkring Rachel Eliors kontroversielle teoriar om Dødehavsrullane, rullar og går i ulike samanhengar.

Artikkelen Dead Sea Scrolls’ origins spark debate er interessant, blant anna fordi den gjengir synspunkt frå professor James Charlesworth:

Charlesworth, whose own work focuses on editing and translating the Scrolls from Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew, said he is convinced that the Essenes wrote some of the texts. “Since Josephus mentions 120 features of the Essenes and I have found more than 100 of them in the Scrolls composed at Qumran, I have no doubts that the Qumranites should be identified with the Essenes mentioned by Philo, Pliny, Jospehus and many other historians in antiquity,” Charlesworth said in an e-mail.

Though contemporary Hebrew sources and the New Testament make no reference to the Essenes, Charlesworth noted that this is not unexpected, since “Essene” is a Greek word and the Qumranites never wrote in Greek. The New Testament does refer to “the Sons of Light,” a term used extensively by the authors of the Scrolls. Himmelfarb explained that Hebrew texts may have used other words to describe the group but that many of the proposed words are unconvincing.

(via PaleoJudaica)


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