Studentar med entusiasme

Seks amerikanske studentar som har vore med på viktige arkeologiske utgravingar i Jerusalem, fortel i Edmond Outlook om kva dei har opplevd. Eg går ikkje god for alle vurderingane deira og veit ingenting om magasinet som dei uttalar seg til, men merkar meg entusiasmen og iveren som dei fortel med:

Working with Dr. Eilat Mazar, one of Israel’s top archaeologists, Brent Nagtegaal, Edwin Trebels, John Rambo, Jeremy Cocomise, Brandon Nice and Victor Vejil made significant finds. The first, the Wall of Nehemiah, dates back to the 5th-6th century B.C. The second, a tunnel associated with the palace of David, points even farther back in time to 1,000 B.C., giving the Bible historical credibility in the academic community that it hasn’t enjoyed in years.

Archaeology isn’t clean work. Says Rambo, “It’s dirty, it’s cramped, but the excitement of finding what lies around the corner keeps you going. After we explored the whole thing we wanted to get the debris out of the way so we could see where the tunnel led. The excitement of that keeps you interested the whole day. When we were working underground for eight hours it seemed like four hours and the day would go by and then the sun was going down.”

Their discovery may lead to still bigger, more amazing discoveries. “When we think about the tunnel, we think about all the what-ifs, all the possibilities relating to this tunnel,” says Vejil. “Dr. Mazar thinks it may lead to a pool called the “artificial pool,” mentioned in the book of Nehemiah. That would be a great find and could lead to further excavation. If the tunnel goes north, we know that may lead to the location of the Temple. We always have these big expectations that keep us excited, keep us motivated. But you never know until you excavate it.”

(les meir)


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