2000 år gamalt smykke

Arkeologar arbeider mykje med gamal stein. Eg syns derfor ikkje det er så underleg at dei lett blir ekstra begeistra når dei finn prydgjenstandar eller noko anna som skil seg tydeleg ut.

Denne veka har arkeologar som arbeider like sør for Gamlebyen i Jerusalem, begeistra fortalt om funnet av vakker øyrepynt frå romersk tid. Artikkelen frå Associated Press fortel at arkeologen som fann smykket, (sjølvsagt) ropte Eureka!

A luxurious gold, pearl and emerald earring provides a new visual clue about the life of the elite in Jerusalem some 2,000 years ago. And its discovery was a true eureka moment for excavators.

The piece was found beneath a parking lot next to the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City. It dates to the Roman period just after the time of Jesus, said Doron Ben-Ami, who directed the dig.

The earring was uncovered in a destroyed Byzantine structure built centuries after the piece was made, showing it was likely passed down through generations, he said.

Archaeologists came upon the earring in a corner while excavating the ruins of the building under a parking lot. «Suddenly one of the excavators came up shouting «Eureka!'» said Ben-Ami.

The find is eye-catching: A large pearl inlaid in gold with two drop pieces, each with an emerald and pearl set in gold.

(les meir og sjå bilete) (via BiblePlaces Blog)


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