Olivenpresse funnen i Galilea

Arkeologar har nyleg grave fram ei interessant olivenpresse i vestre Galilea. Anlegget er truleg frå 500- eller 600-talet.

Her er eit utdrag frå IAA si pressemelding:

A unique and impressive complex for producing oil that dates to the Byzantine period, which is also one of the largest uncovered in the country so far, was discovered recently during trial excavations conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority in Moshav Ahihud, in the Western Galilee. The excavations are being carried out as part of a development plan to enlarge the village.


Two built containers that were used to store the oil were exposed next to the oil production installations. The containers have a combined capacity of approximately 20,000 liters. The containers were paved with mosaic floors and treated with plaster. The top of the wall that separates the two containers was paved with a mosaic, part of which is adorned with a geometric decoration and part bears an inscription that has not yet been deciphered.

Så, mot slutten av pressemeldinga, kjem informasjon om at olivenpressa kanskje kan knytast til ei kyrkje eller eit kloster:

This very formidable and rare olive press and the inscription on the mosaic floor suggest that the complex was not built at the initiative of a local individual.
Among the artifacts recovered during the course of the excavations are numerous remains of roof tiles, a marble colonnette, two fragments of a marble chancel screen, many stem lamps, an imported plate with a figure carrying a child carved in its base and a bronze chain used to suspend a lamp. These items indicate that a church stood nearby and therefore the excavators believe that the olive press could be situated inside a Byzantine monastery.

Les heile pressemeldinga her. Nyhetssida Arutz Sheva omtaler funnet her. Begge artiklane har gode bilete frå staden.

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