Den kristne befolkninga i Israel

Det bur ca 152.000 kristne i Israel. Dette utgjer ca 2 % av folketalet på 7,3 millionar. Ca 80 % av dei kristne er arabarar/palestinarar. Det er Caspari Media Review (03.01) som kjem med desse tala i eit samandrag av artiklar i  israelske aviser i samband med julefeiringa 2007. Her er det aktuelle avsnittet:

Christmas also provided the occasion to review the Christian population resident in the «Holy Land.» The Business Post (December 25) – a Hebrew section of the Jerusalem Post – and Israel Post  (Israel’s only afternoon paper) (December 25) both reported the results  of a survey conducted this week, according to which the Christian community in Israel currently numbers 152,000 million – 2.1% of the total population. 80.5 of them are Arab Christians, the rest having immigrated under the Law of Return. 59% are resident in the north, with the largest community (15%) being in Haifa – although Jerusalem comes close with 11%. Despite the Arab majority, the age distribution  approximates the Jewish population rather than the Muslim: more Christians than Muslims are over 65, while the 0-19 age group in the Christian and Jewish communities is identical (around 33%) but lower than the Muslim (around 52%). In contrast to previous years, which saw a reduction in the overall Christian population, 2006 saw an increase to 1.9% – still not as high as the 2.5 % between 1990 and 1995, however. This fact may explain the decrease by over 50% of the number of children born to Christian women since the 1960s – 2.1% in 2006. The percentage of Christian families with at least one child up to the age of seventeen lies at around 47%, in contrast to the approximately 72% within the Jewish population. In 2006, 55.3% of the Christian population of age 15 and above were employed in the work force – in comparison to 38.6% and around 36% in the Muslim and Jewish communities respectively. According to the report, the 11% Christian proportion of the total Arab 12th grade school population lead the rest with the highest grades: in 2006, around 60 % passed their matriculation exams, in comparison with 55% of Druze students, around 44% of Muslim students, and around 55% of the total student population in Israel. 92% also achieved the university entrance level, against 72 % of Muslim students and around 70% of Jewish students. Regarding their religious observance, the survey indicated that in 2006 around 73% of those 20 and over defined themselves as religious, 31% not very, and around 53% as not religious. Finally, of this same population, around 73% declared themselves content with their lives – in comparison with 76% amongst the same Muslim population and around 85% of the Jewish population.


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