Arameisk i bruk i dag

Landsbyen Malula i Syria er visstnok ein av dei få stadane arameisk framleis er i bruk. Dette gamle språket har ein heilt spesiell interesse fordi det var Jesu morsmål, sjå det eg tidlegare har skrive om dette her. Nå har CBS News publisert ein artikkel som fortel om landsbyen og om arbeidet som blir gjort der for å bevara språket:

For thousands of years, a tiny Syrian village has kept a well-guarded treasure: the language of Jesus. Tucked away in the Qalamoun Mountains, just north of Damascus, Syria, is Malula – one of the last places on earth where Aramaic is still spoken.


The locals and the Syrian government are taking conservation of this national treasure very seriously. They have opened a special school where students from 5 to 50 brush up on their Aramaic, and, for the first time in their history, learn to write this traditionally oral language.

It’s a sense of pride for the village children.

«They want to know their grandfathers» language, and speaking it and writing,» says student Yousef Sanjar.

For centuries Malula’s geographic isolation protected it from invasion, warding off the influx of Arabic and other languages.

For a time, Aramaic was the global language of trade, commerce and communication reaching as far east as China. Then the advent of modern technology began to chip away at Aramaic’s existence.

But somehow, the 5,000 residents continue to tell their stories in their special language. It’s a never-ending union between Malulans and Aramaic – a marriage sure to preserve the language of Jesus.

Her er ein annan artikkel om Malula og språket der: In Isolated Pocket of Syria, the Language Spoken by Jesus Survives.


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